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Twin Peaks (San Francisco)

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Twin Peaks (San Francisco) er en turistattraktion i San Francisco, Amerikas Forenede Stater

Sorry, but currently we do not have detailed information about this tourist attraction called «Twin Peaks (San Francisco)» in Dansk. If you can tell us something interesting about it, please do it!Oplysninger om «Twin Peaks (San Francisco)» er tilgængelig på følgende sprog:

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Travel Channel
9 december 2011
The geographic center of the city – with an amazing view! As seen on Travel Channel’s The Layover with Anthony Bourdain.
Corinna P
7 august 2011
Take in Le View. It may convince you that San Francisco is the best city on earth.
Valentine's Day Movie
2 february 2010
Ignore the usual tourist railing and walk up the lone peak just to the south for stellar and secret views. Steal a kiss or two while you’re at it! #vday
6 june 2011
When people come in from out of town, they all want to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Take ‘em here instead. With beautiful views of the cityscape worthy of a Will Pearson photo, they’ll forget the rest.
Kelly Strodl
9 september 2011
Most complete & breathtaking view of the city, bridge to bridge. And almost every part of the city from one spot, all except the sunset, but you'd only see fog there anyways. Pano that ess.
SF Weekly
13 june 2012
SF Weekly's Best of Winner 2012 - Reader's Poll - BEST VIEW
Max S
14 february 2010
View is good
Tiffany Byrd
17 october 2013
A must see if you go to San Francisco!!!!
David Janis-Kitzmiller
Great view of the city!
Tony Rouse
5 february 2013
If you are only going to climb up one, I would suggest the one to your right when standing in middle looking at the city
25 march 2011
Bombing down from Twin Peaks on a bike - The view of the city is stunning, and the ride down is the most fun we've had since grade school.
Chicken Little
19 march 2010
Bring a nice THICK jacket!
Fodor's Travel
28 january 2016
Twin Peaks, a sixty-four-acre mix of grassland and coastal scrub, offers 180-degree views that will give you a glimpse of what San Francisco looked like in its natural state prior to development.
Arthur Chang
26 october 2012
Sunrise is the best time to view the city from here!
Fernando Ortega
14 october 2012
It's windy up here!!
David Thornell
26 august 2012
Great view over San Francisco. Photography by David Thornell
Greg Wohlenberg
13 october 2010
Some of the best views in the city...and free!
Nikita Patel
8 june 2010
Must check out this amazing view of the city. <3
Cameo Wood
27 april 2009
Drive to the top. Enjoy the view.
Laurie V
13 march 2009
Pick a cold clear morning, around 8am. Put a Sigur Ros album on your iPod. Climb to the top of the hill and look around. Feel at peace with the world.

501 Twin Peaks Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94131, USA

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Sat 10:00 AM–Midnight
Sun 10:00 AM–11:00 PM
Mon 3:00 PM–8:00 PM
Tue 8:00 PM–9:00 PM
Wed None
Thu 2:00 PM–3:00 PM

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